6 Tips for Buying Vintage Clothing

6 Tips for Buying Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing Online Australia

Vintage Clothing Online Australia

Been thinking of buying vintage clothing lately? Then read on.

So you live in a world turning greener when it comes to vintage clothing lifestyle, and the global economy makes it harder for your paycheck to make ends meet. You definitely need to find something fast. Why not trying to shave those apparels expenses? If you ask me how, the answer lies on vintage clothing.

The vintage clothing models are abundant, the prices for vintage clothing are unbelievable cheap, and they’re pretty too.

The main rule for buying vintage clothes is attention to details. You should be very very careful right before paying. If you ask me again, how, here are some useful tips and tricks:

Here are the tips for buying Vintage Clothing

1. Make sure you smell the vintage clothing before purchasing it. If the smell is of strong toxic chemicals, most often than not the apparels were keep in or near it (strong chemicals were used to make sure the pets didn’t get to it).

2. Check if there are vintage clothing stain and check if those are removable or non-removable stain. Non-removable stain brings you nothing but the headache and it definitely not worth the purchase.

3. If the vintage clothing is damaged (have holes in it, torn, etc) make sure the damage worth the price. Sure, you could always re-sewn the vintage clothing, or replace damaged zippers, but torn pieces or pieces with holes in it usually require some creativity (and time!) to deal with, so make sure you bargain over those damages. And when I say bargain, I mean hard 

4. Always try on the apparels first. Never buy clothes that are too small hoping that you would successfully lose your weight through your latest diet program. When you lose your weight, the clothes that are too small would not fit the way you want it, as your shape also change when you lose some weight. Oversized vintage clothing have more prospect as you could do some modification and adjust it to your shape, but this too requires some creativity and time.

5. If you are interested in buying a second vintage clothing items from leading brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Gucci, make sure you acquire the skill to differentiate original items from fake ones. Never hesitate to ask about the history and authenticity of the vintage clothing. These days, more often than not those fake items resurface in vintage stores and you definitely wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on fake items.

6. If you want to buy vintage clothes through online shopping, be careful, no, makes it be very careful vintage clothing. As you may already know, not a few people commit fraud and unreachable or do not allow you to return items post-sales.

Those are some tips and trick from me my dear, now go out there and happy hunting for vintage clothing!

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